The Forestry Commission; The Woodland Creation Planning Grant

The Forestry Commission is inviting applications from landowners, land managers and public bodies in England who are interested in planting new woodland. The Woodland Creation Planning Grant offers funding of up to £30,000 to cover the costs of producing a woodland creation design plan for the application.

There are two application stages:

Stage 1 – identifying constraints and opportunities which may affect the proposed planting. Funding of up to £1,000 is available to cover this stage;

Stage 2 – if there is potential for woodland creation to take place on the site, further support can be given for completion of the application form at £150/ha. If specialist survey work is required at stage 2, such as an archaeological survey, then supplementary payments may be available to cover these additional costs.

Applications can be made at any time.

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Woodland Creation Planning Grant leaflet

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