The MSE Charity; Funding for Financial Life Skills Projects – 28 February 2022

The MSE Charity has announced that the next round of its grants programme will re-open for applications on the 1 February 2022.

The MSE Charity gives grants to not-for-profit organisations that deliver activities that make a lasting impact on how people think, behave and manage their money. This round will support projects which aim to improve and deliver personal financial life skills to people living with long term challenges such as:

  • dementia,
  • autism,
  • learning difficulties,
  • disabilities,
  • caring responsibilities,
  • mental illness,
  • brain injury
  • stroke.

The closing date for applications is likely to be at 5pm on the 28 February 2022 or earlier if the charity has accepted 40 applications.

It is advised to apply early in the month to ensure that applications are considered.

Useful Links:

Eligibility Quiz

Application Form Questions

Guidance Notes


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