Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust Sustainable Futures Fund – 11 March 2022

The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust recognises that climate change caused by human activity is threatening the well-being of humanity and that the wealthiest countries and individuals are responsible for a disproportionate share of emissions, whilst the poorest countries and sections of society are the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. In order to tackle this issue, the Sustainable Futures fund focuses grant making on:

  • Identifying the true costs and risks of resource depletion, climate change and other environmental problems
  • Campaigns, initiatives and work that promote alternatives to consumerism
  • Campaigns and movements that give a voice to young activists and marginalised groups on issues of economic and environmental justice.

Grants are available from a few hundred pounds to over £100,000 and may be single payments or spread over up to three years.

Funding priorities are:

  • Better economics – with grants funding work that explores how sustainability rather than traditional forms of economic growth.
  • Beyond consumerism – funded work will include that which engages people individually and collectively in moving culture away from consumerism and towards more sustainable ways of living.
  • New Voices – funding for campaigns and movements that enable marginalised groups and young activists to have a voice in decisions which affect them.
  • Responding to the dual harms of Covid-19 and systemic racism.

To apply, organisations need to register with the Trust’s grants management system.  The deadline to register is the 11 March 2022 and the deadline to apply is 5pm on the 28 March 2022.

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