Strategic Legal Fund (SLF) for Vulnerable Young Migrants – 2 November 2021

Not for profit organisations and private law firms that work with young migrants can apply for grants through the Strategic Legal Fund (SLF) for Vulnerable Young Migrants.

The maximum grant available is £30,000, however, limited funding is available and therefore lower applications are encouraged. The average grant size is around £12,000. Grants are available to undertake strategic legal work to benefit children and young people (under the age of 25) who are significantly disadvantaged by migration status. The fund will accept applications in any area of law that affects:

  • Migrants or the children of migrants,
  • Who are under 25,
  • Who are living in poverty,
  • Who face significant disadvantage or discrimination in connection with their (or their parents’) migration status.

The SLF only funds two kinds of strategic legal action- pre-litigation research and “third party intervention” in an existing case. The maximum grant length is 12 months, and most grants are for around six months.

The next closing date for applications is 5pm on the 2nd November 2021.

Previous projects supported include:

Child Poverty Action Group who were awarded a grant of £8,674 to develop a challenge to what the Government say is a change in child tax credit eligibility introduced by Universal Credit, leading to refugee families with children being excluded from claiming Tax Credit for the retrospective period prior to when they were recognised as refugees.

Coram Children’s Legal Centre was awarded a grant of £13,865 for pre-litigation research in order to bring strategic legal action on EU settlement scheme applications made by children and young people with criminal convictions, including especially looked-after children and care leavers.

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