UK Government; Education Support Fund (ESF) – 30th September 2021

The UK Government has launched a new round of the Ministry of Defence – Education Support Fund (ESF).  The aim of the fund is to assist publicly funded schools, academies and free schools in the UK that cater for pupils of military service families that are subject to exceptional mobility as a result of the family moving from one location to another and/or have service children whose parents are subject to deployment.

Up to £3 million in funding will be available for 2021/22 to help overcome the impact of mobility and/or separation. Funding could be used for additional staffing and training, educational resources, refurbishment of existing resources within the school, and providing community support to help build and maintain relationships between schools, local authorities and service families.

The deadline for applications is the 30th September 2021.

Useful Links:

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ESF: scoring criteria sheet

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