Association of Independent Museums (AIM); The Collections Care Grant Scheme – 30th September 2021

The Collections Care Grant Scheme (formally known as the Preventive Conservation Scheme) is managed by the Association of Independent Museums (AIM), supported by funding from the Pilgrim Trust and run in association with the AIM Remedial Conservation Grant Scheme and the AIM ICON Pilgrim Trust Collections Care Audit Scheme. AIM is looking for projects that enable a step-change in the quality of collections care that a museum can provide in the knowledge that better collections care supports museums long-term sustainability.

Grants awarded may be used for:

  • Environmental surveys
  • Obtaining professional advice to compile conservation and implementation strategies
  • Environmental monitoring and control equipment
  • Ultraviolet filters
  • Integrated pest management
  • Display cases and picture framing (where this is required for conservation reasons)
  • Storage containers and packing materials
  • Development of emergency plans
  • Improvements to museum stores, especially to increase their capacity
  • Equipment or other support for digitalisation projects where this aids conservation
  • Training for volunteers or staff
  • Collections audits and collection management plans

The maximum grant is £10,000 with the average grant expected to be around £5,000. Grants of less than £1,500 are paid in full on award; others receive 50% on award, 50% on completion and receipt of the conservator’s report.

Applications should show how the proposed project fits with the Collections Care priorities of the museum as assessed through a collection care audit, collections management plan or other similar document. If the museum does not already have such an assessment, they are advised to consider applying for an AIM Collections Care Audit as a first stage.

Eligible applicants will be AIM members; registered or accredited museum, or be confident of achieving accreditation within two years; a registered Charity, an associated charity can receive the grant on the museum’s behalf, if the museum itself is not a charity; have fewer than 50,000 visitors p.a. or a turnover of less than £300,000 p.a.

The next closing date for applications is the 30th September 2021.

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