The Friends Provident Foundation; Building Resilient Economies programme – 26th April 2021

The Friends Provident Foundation which aims to build a fairer and more sustainable world has announced that its Building Resilient Economies programme is open for applications.  Organisations working within the UK who want to help transform financial systems into ‘engines for social benefit’ can apply for grants to promote local economic resilience or to support projects that will change corporate behaviours in pursuit of wider social objectives. 

Grants in the past have been up to £200,000 to cover capital or revenue funding, core costs or project costs.

Activities funded will need to fit closely with the aims of the Foundation and deliver one of two key outcomes.

These are:

“Systems Change”

“Local Economic Resilience”

Under ‘Systems Change’ the Foundation will be looking to support projects that develop and demonstrate methods that will effectively change policy and corporate behaviours in pursuit of wider social objectives.

Under ‘Local economic resilience’ the Foundation is looking to support projects that share learning about effective ways for communities to create more sustainable economic systems and retain more of the value generated. This might include creating community assets or new approaches to local finance.

There is a two stage application process and stage 1 applications can be submitted at any time. Organisations invited to submit a stage 2 applications must submit this no later than noon on the 26th April 2021.

Previous organisations supported include:

  • SUSTAIN, which received a grant of £75,000 for a concerted three-year campaign, drawing on the support of many people and organisations to achieve changes in government policy and industry practice to create a million good jobs though better farming and land-use.
  • ECHO, a trading network of over 500 organisations in East London that uses time as the currency, rather than money. This project received a grant of £140,000 and aims to develop and refine the infrastructure for local, sustainable Echo systems at national scale.

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