Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust; Rights and Justice – 13th August 2021 (UK)

The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (JRCT) is interested in funding work, which is about removing problems through radical solutions, and not simply about making problems easier to live with; that has a clear sense of objectives, and of how to achieve them; and is innovative and imaginative and where the grant has a good chance of making a difference.

JCRT makes grants to a range of organisations including registered, excepted or exempt charities based in the UK for work that seeks to make positive change across the UK as a whole, or across one or more of its member countries – England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

The Funding priorities for the Rights and Justice theme are:

  1. Protection and promotion of human rights and their enforcement in the UK
  2. Promoting rights and justice for minorities who face the most severe forms of racism
  3. Promotion of rights and justice for refugees and other migrants by identifying and tackling structures and systems that may deny them their rights.
  4. Responding to the dual harms of Covid-19 and systemic racism.

JRCT focuses on work at both a national and European level, although work at a European level is limited and must have direct relevance to communities living in the UK.

Whilst the focus is to support national advocacy and campaigning, JRCT is open to applications which aim to effect structural change at local and regional levels of policy-making, provided the applicant can demonstrate the wider significance of the work.

Across the policy, JRCT places an emphasis on supporting those who have direct experience of racism and oppression.

Applicants are encouraged to apply for a grant for unrestricted or core support, although support for specific programme or project funding is also available.

The deadline to register is the 13th August 2021 and the deadline to apply is 5pm on the31st August 2021.

Recent grants awarded have ranged from £5,000 to £100,000+ including:

  • £20,000 to the Barrow Cadbury Trust
  • £59,365 to Citizens UK (Safe Passage)
  • £16,400 to the Equality and Diversity Forum

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