Funding for Medical Health Charities – 23rd March / 20th April 2021 (UK, Isle of Man & Republic of Ireland)

Registered charities, hospices and medical organisations within the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Channel Islands and Republic of Ireland can apply for grants to support medical projects, care, research or medical training.

The Hospital Saturday Fund provides two types of funding: standard grants of up to £2,000 or €3,000, or large grants of up to £10,000 or €13,500. The Fund will also consider grants for running costs, however large grant applications should be towards specific projects, research or equipment rather than running costs.

Organisations can apply for a standard grant by the 20th April 2021 or a large grant by the 23rd March 2021.

The Hospital Saturday Fund will also consider giving grants to individuals within the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland for specialised equipment, treatments, respite breaks and home adaptations.

Useful Links:

Guidelines for Individuals

Guidelines for Organisations

Guidelines for Medical Electives

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