Funding to Support Leisure Activities for People with Physical Disabilities (UK)

The Bruce Wake Charitable Trust will consider grant applications relating to the provision of leisure activities for people with physical disabilities. The Trust was established to encourage and assist the provision of leisure activities for the disabled.

The Trustees particularly favour applications where the potential beneficiaries meet one or all of the following criteria:

  • The potential beneficiaries are physically disabled wheelchair users
  • Improved access for wheelchair users is proposed
  • A sporting or leisure activity involving disabled wheelchair users is proposed

One donation in any 12-month period may be made to charitable organisations.

In 2018, 209 grants were made totalling £608,054. Of these 42 were for over £5,000, these included:

  • Charity Link Leicester – £34,000
  • Revitalise Respite Holidays – £6,000
  • The Wheelyboat Trust – £5,000
  • WhizzKids – £5,000

All applications should be submitted together with appropriate financial information. Charitable organisations should include a copy of their latest financial statements.  Applications meeting the above criteria will be considered from charitable organisations. Applications on behalf of individuals will only be accepted through a charitable organisation or equivalent recognised body.

Trustees meet quarterly to consider grant applications.

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