New £100 Million Scheme for Students to Study and Work Abroad (UK)

Applications to the British Council’s new £100 million Turing Scheme will open in March 2021 to enable UK students to study and work abroad. The scheme, which is designed to replace the Erasmus+ scheme, will be available for organisations in these following sectors:

  • higher education (HE)
  • further education (FE) and vocational education and training (VET)
  • schools 

The application process will be a call for bids and will be open for six weeks with funding decisions expected in July.

The first round of placements, which range from two or three days for primary school pupils to between four weeks and a year for university and further education students, are expected to begin in September.

Funding will vary depending on the type of placement and the country visited.

Useful Links:

Higher Education Funding

Further Education & VET Funding

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