Funding for Innovative Geography Teaching at Secondary Level – 15th February 2021 (UK)

Two grants of £1,000 each are available to fund innovative geography teaching at secondary level. The Royal Geographical Society’s Innovative Geography Teaching Grants will provide funding for the development of imaginative, innovative, or creative teaching materials.

The grants will be awarded to teacher-higher education partnerships. Ideally these will comprise one school teacher and one lecturer/researcher from a UK Higher Education Institution.

Every year, the Society identifies an area of research which is either based upon a timely issue or approach. The aim is to serve both geography pupils and the wider teaching community through the creation of teaching materials on this particular issue. The materials produced will be published on the Society’s website.

The deadline for applications is the 15th February 2021.

For further enquiries please contact the Grants Officer at or on 0207 591 3073.

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