Free Trees for Community Groups and Schools – March 2021 (UK)

The Woodland Trust has announced that it has thousands of free tree packs available to community groups and schools across the UK, plus nurseries, colleges, universities and outdoor learning centres. The trees are available for planting on an area that is accessible to the public so that it can be used and enjoyed by others. If applying as a school, trees should be planted on either the school grounds, land the school has arranged regular access to or in an area that is publicly accessible.

Applications for a tree pack for a community group need to:

  • State that the land is accessible to the public
  • Make sure the local community is aware of the plans to plant and is happy for the project to go ahead
  • Be applying for up to 420 trees in each application cycle or season.

There are two delivery periods per year in November and March, when the trees are dormant and perfect for planting.

Applications are currently being accepted for trees to be delivered in March 2021.

Past recipients include:

  • Community Garden and Allotment in Barry.
  • South Glamorgan and Bellsquarry Primary School.
  • Livingston where pupils have planted dozens of apple trees to create a community orchard in Bellsquarry Wood.

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