Grants for Investigative Research Projects for Students with SEND (UK)

Schools can apply for funding of up to £3,000 to support investigative research projects that are specifically tailored for students with SEND.

The grant enables schools to purchase equipment to carry out investigative STEM research projects in science, mathematics, engineering or computing. By taking part in these projects, students will have the opportunity to develop essential skills, such as problem solving and data handling skills, readying them for the future world of work.

All projects must be undertaken in partnership with a STEM professional from academia or industry and involve students (aged 5 -18) with SEND.

For 2020, there has been a new extension to the scheme called Tomorrow’s climate scientists. This programme is funding schools who are specifically carrying out research into climate change and biodiversity. 

There is a two-stage applications process, with stage one opening to applications in February 2021.

To help teachers and STEM partners with the application process, free online training sessions are being run between November and February. Book now to learn more about the scheme.

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