Hellenic Society Hardship Grants – 31st October 2020 (UK)

The Hellenic Society makes grants of various kinds to schools, universities and other institutions, undergraduates, graduate students and young researchers which are engaged in Hellenic Studies at all levels. In response to the coronavirus, the Society is temporarily offering small hardship grants to those who have been affected by the crisis.

Funding of up to £200 will be made to:

  • those who have held a temporary post in a UK Higher Education Institutions in the last twelve months and whose employment has come to an end during 2020;
  • self-funded Post Graduate Researchers, especially those in their third or fourth year;
  • and self-funded MA/MPhil/MSt students.

The deadline for applications in this round is the 31st October 2020.

Applicants should email secretary@hellenicsociety.org.uk  with the following details: a brief account of the personal circumstances necessitating the grant, the purpose for which the money is to be used, and the precise sum needed (not more than 300 words in total). They should also include the name of their previous line manager or thesis supervisor as appropriate and ask them to email the same address separately to confirm their personal circumstances in broad terms.

Please email Dr Fiona Haarer (Executive Secretary: secretary@hellenicsociety.org.uk) with any queries.

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