Grants to Support Children’s Health and Education – 4th February 2021 (UK and Ireland)

The next deadline to apply to the DM Thomas Foundation Central Grants Programme is the 4th February 2021. The Foundation distributes a total of around £200,000 per quarter.

Grants of up to £30,000 are available per year for up to two years to registered charities for projects that improve education and health for young people in three key areas:

  • Children and young people with disabilities
  • Children and young people who are sick in hospital
  • Children and young people who are life limited (requiring palliative care)
  • Children and young people who suffer from mental health issues

The Foundation is a small charity and generally will not make awards of over £30,000 (per year). Funding can be requested for one-off projects or for up to 2 years work.

Applications from schools and hospitals are welcomed as long as they are made through an appropriate registered charity.

If favoured, grant applications for up to £5,000 can be approved by the Director, up to £10,000 can be approved by the Grants Committee, and applications for more than £10,000 are recommended to the Trustees for final approval.

Previous projects supported include:

Landmarks Specialist College which received a grant of £4,944 to create a Bistro facility where learners can develop hospitality and catering skills.

Carlisle Youth Zone, which received a grant of £4,000 to provide young people with learning disabilities with basic life skills for independent living.

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