New Funding Available to Implement Court Judgement with the Potential to Achieve Social Change – 20th May 2020 (UK)

A new round of funding has been announced for civil society organisations to implement a court judgment or the outcome of a litigation process that has the potential to achieve social change for people facing discrimination and disadvantage.

The funding is being made available by the Baring Foundation and grants of up to £30,000 for a period of up to one year are available to charities and other not for profit organisations to help civil society organisation during the implementation phase after successful litigation.

The following range of activities may be involved in the implementation:

  • advocacy and policy influencing;
  • campaigning;
  • awareness raising;
  • research’ monitoring of implementation;
  • further legal action.

Grants awarded under this fund are designed to support ongoing work by organisations who have played a part in the successful litigation they are applying for funding for; and usually for organisations for whom litigation is not their core business.

The closing date for applications in this round is the 20th May 2020.

Useful Links:

Application Guidelines


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