Competition for Green Business Entrepreneurs – 11th June 2020 (England and Scotland)

Individuals such as researchers, students, consultants or new start-ups with a green business idea have the opportunity to win an award of up to €10,000 through Climate Launchpad’s Green Business Ideas Competition.

If successful, applicants will join a bootcamp which will help put ideas into a solid business plan. Applicants will then have the opportunity to pitch their idea during national and regional finals. Winners of each regional final will go onto the global grand final.

The runner up will receive an award of €5,000, with third place receiving €2,500.

To enter the competition applicants must have not yet started a business or started it less than a year ago, have no substantial revenue, no more than €200,000 in investment, and have not yet sold on commercial terms.

The application deadline for England is the 11th June 2020. For Scotland the deadline is yet to be determined but the bootcamp will run from the 26th June 2020.

In 2020 the competition is open to participants based in the countries listed on this page.

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