Funding to Become Britain’s First Fully Electric Bus Town – 30th April 2020 (England – outside London)

Local authorities in England can now apply to become the UK’s first all-electric bus town. The winning area will receive up to £50 million to help pay for a brand-new fleet of electric buses, reducing emissions and cleaning up the air in their community.

Our All-Electric Bus Town proposal has the following key aims:

  • to act as a pilot to understand what can be achieved when there is a real commitment to move all buses in a place to electric zero-emission;
  • to understand the impact this can have on improving air quality and greenhouse gases in a place;
  • to understand better the challenges of running a wholly electric bus fleet;
  • to understand the impact that an electric fleet can have on running costs for bus operators (given that electric buses should be cheaper to run in terms of fuel costs);
  • to support bus manufacturers in the development of zero emission bus technology.

The amount of support for a place will be based on the funding formula used in the earlier Ultra-Low Emission Bus funding round. That is as follows:

  • DfT will contribute up to 75% of the cost difference between a zero-emission bus and a standard conventional diesel bus equivalent of the same total passenger capacity.
  • for infrastructure, we will contribute up to 75% of the capital expenditure incurred as a result of its purchase and installation

The £50 million fund is part of a total £170 million allocated to improve services and make bus journeys greener, easier and more reliable. The funding is available to English Local Authorities outside of London.

The closing date for applications is 5pm on the 30th April 2020.

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