Grants for Chemistry Outreach Projects in Schools and Colleges (UK)

The Royal Society of Chemistry is making grants of up to £1,000 available to schools, colleges and universities to help students in the development of the practical chemistry skills and experience.  To be eligible for funding through the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Partnership of 3 grant scheme, the projects should bring together at least three different partners to benefit in the delivery or attendance at a chemistry centred outreach activity.

The Royal Society of Chemistry awards grants for activities that to involve the development of the practical skills/ experience in chemistry of a target group in a manner that is not achievable through normal timetabled activities.

Activities funded could include, for example, a university collaborating with a sixth form college in providing an experience for KS3/ 4 students (it may be that staff and students from the same institution are considered as different partners if they both have significant and different roles in the delivery of the proposed programme).

Strong applications will be able to demonstrate, in addition to key scientific benefits, how as many of the partners in the scheme as possible will develop through involvement in the scheme.  Schemes that involve visits from one partner constituency to another will be particularly favoured.

Applications can be submitted at any time and will be evaluated at quarterly meetings throughout the year.

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