Government Launches New Development Corporation Competition (England)

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has announced the launch of a new £10 million capacity fund to generate innovative proposals for new business-backed development corporations and similar delivery models. Local authorities can apply for up to £10 million over three years for proposals focus on housing and economic growth to regenerate their areas.

Up to 10 proposals will be funded.

Local authorities are eligible to submit expressions of interest (EOIs), whether individually or in partnership with other local authorities.  The Ministry strongly welcome applications from private or third sector organisations made in partnership with local authorities.

Applicants will need to:

  • demonstrate that they can use the requested funding to progress work and generate proposals for innovative delivery models such as development corporations
  • demonstrate that the delivery models being explored are intended to deliver a transformational housing or regeneration project
  • endeavour to make key learnings from the funding available to other local areas and to central government in order that best practice and lessons learned can be disseminated, not including commercially sensitive information

To register an interest in applying for the competition, please contact Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government at The competition is open to applications on a rolling basis.

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