Funding for Teaching Internships (England)

Grants are available for school-led partnerships to design and provide teaching internships targeted at science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) undergraduate students.

The aim of the scheme is to let STEM undergraduates experience mathematics or physics teaching before they commit to it as a career.

Schools are invited to apply for funding to provide opportunities in summer 2020.

As part of the development of the programme, the Department for Education aims to improve the availability of internships across England. The  DfE encourages applications to provide internships in geographic areas where there are gaps in provision, for example, the East of England and South West.

Applications from school partnerships covering wide geographical areas are also welcomed. To reduce duplication, schools in close proximity are encouraged to work together to submit an application with one lead school responsible for the administration and grant relationship with the DfE.

For the minimum cohort size of 10 interns, the grant funding would equate to £20,000.

The funding is for £500 per week for each student. Of this £500 per week:

  • £300 will be used to cover the intern’s expenses
  • £200 will go directly to the school to cover co-ordination costs and overheads

Funding is for the 2020 cohort only.

Useful Links:

List of 2019 teaching internships schools by RSC region

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