Home Secretary Launches £25 Million Fund to Prevent Burglary and Theft in Crime Hotspots (England and Wales)

A new £25million fund has been announced to tackle burglary, theft and other offences in crime hotspots. The Safer Streets Fund has been made available by the Home Office and Police and Crime Commissioners across England and Wales will be able to apply for funding for measures aimed at preventing acquisitive crime in disproportionately affected areas.

Initiatives could target vehicle theft, robbery or burglary, among other crimes, and could include interventions to improve home security, such as installing better locks and gating alleyways, and make streets better lit at night.

The fund has been designed to ensure local communities can participate in the development of these plans and will also include money for community projects that complement them. PCCs must work with local authorities and other partners to develop these plans, which need to be based on evidence, demonstrate value for money and engage local communities. Funding will be available to selected areas from April 2020.

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