£40 Million Available to Develop Ideas that could help Older People Enjoy Active Lives – 27th November 2019 (UK)

Businesses and public sector organisations of any size can now apply for a share of £40 million to develop ideas that could help people to enjoy healthier and more active lives in older age. The number of people in the UK aged over 75 will rise from 1 in 12 today to 1 in 7 by 2040; this rising life expectancy poses significant challenges for health services. Innovate UK, part of UK

Innovate UK has up to £2 million to invest in stage 1 of the Healthy Ageing Trailblazers competition which aims to establish large, multi-disciplinary, collaborative projects that demonstrate new business models and products working at scale to provide new and sustainable services for older people. Up to £38 million could be available during stage 2 to support the development of the best ideas in a series of large projects.

Projects will be funded across the following 7 themes:

  • sustaining physical activity;
  • maintaining health at work;
  • designing for age-friendly homes;
  • managing common complaints of ageing;
  • living well with cognitive impairment;
  • supporting social connections;
  • creating healthy and active places.

Stage 1 projects could range in size up to £100,000 and stage 2 projects up to £6 million. An online briefing event will be held on the 4th October 2019 and the closing date for applications is the 27th November 2019.

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