Professional Development Grants for Teachers – 3rd October 2019 (UK)

The Goldsmiths Company offers Teachers and Head Teachers with a minimum of 3 years’ practical school teaching experience the opportunity to apply for grants of up to £3,000 to enhance their personal and professional development. The offer includes and additional maximum payment of £2,000 to fund supply cover to the school. Grants offer teachers the opportunity to take time out from the classroom to undertake an original project in the UK or abroad.

Grants can cover the costs such as travel, accommodation and materials. Examples of projects that may be supported include:

  • An original project that will enhance the applicant’s teaching career and benefit his / her students on completion
  • A project that has a long-term aim of disseminating results / research back to the school and / or a wider audience
  • A project that is planned and well thought out
  • A project that presents an individual challenge to the applicant.

Applications are assessed on their potential to enhance a teacher’s professional life and benefit his/her students on completion.

Applications must be submitted by 3rd October 2019.

This is the final year that the grant will be made available.

Useful Links:

Download the Application Form

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