Funding to Support Integration with the Armed Forces Community – 2nd December 2019 (UK)

Under the Armed Forces Covenant Local Grants programme, schools as well as other local organisations can apply for grants of up to £20,000 for local projects that support community integration or local delivery of services to the armed Forces.

Funding is available for community integration projects that create strong local links between the Armed Forces community, (current and former members of their armed forces and their families) and civilian communities. Projects supported will be able to clearly demonstrate how they will overcome barriers to better integration and improve perceptions, attitudes and understanding. For the project to be truly effective in achieving community integration there should be shared development, delivery and benefits for both communities.

Previous projects supported include:

  • Cornbank St James Primary School which received a grant of £20,000 for a sports facility will enable the children to come together and enjoy safe play of a multitude of sports. Through sport and games, social and communication skills are developed, this is key to Armed Forces Children entering a new school experience along side others who have established relationships.
  • Priory Church in Wales Primary School which received a grant of £19,900 to bring the local and Armed Forces Community together allowing children, parents and local community to socialise with each other in a safe and central place within the community. Additionally, interventions can be carried out to help pupil extend their learning skills and provide them with confidence within themselves and their learning.
  • Llantwit Major School received a grant of £ 18,650 to enhance community integration by providing team building, leadership and educational support opportunities for pupil from serving families, giving opportunities for the children to develop skills and confidence. They will experience fun and challenging activities with other civilian children so that they can meet new friends and be supported to integrate effectively.

Apply at any time up to the 2nd December 2019.

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