Grants for Talented Music Writers and Producers – 24th June 2019 (UK)

Funding is available to UK based songwriters and producers working in popular music genres to further develop their careers and writing/production credits.  The aim is to support the creation of new music. The funding is open to those music professionals who have a previous track record and who are proactive with their careers. Grants of up to £10,000 are on offer together with in-kind support from the PRS Foundation staff and team. Up to 12 songwriters / writer-producers are supported each year.

The Writer Producer Fund initiated by PRS Foundation with The BASCA Trust (formerly known as the Ivors Academy Trust) and is now delivered by The PRS Foundation.

Songwriters and writer-producers who are UK based and PRS for Music members with a CAE number with at least 3 commercially exploited works are eligible to apply. For those without evidence of commercially exploited works, the Foundation will ask the applicant to name at least 5 credited works registered with PRS for Music.

Applications can be made by songwriters / producers directly or by their representatives i.e. Co- writers (published & unpublished); managers; music publishers; lawyers or trusted advisors.

The Fund is also open to songwriters/producer-writers who perform as a way of making money, or to those known as artists who want to forge careers as songwriters, but the grant will only cover the development of songwriting.

Grants can cover a number of career development areas including:

  • Time to create
  • Recording
  • Production fees
  • Training / Creative / Professional development
  • Mix fees
  • Studio hire
  • Purchase of equipment / software / hardware (covers up to 25% of costs)
  • Tracking
  • Musician fees
  • Marketing and promotional costs related to songs/tracks reaching an audience
  • PR Manager to help build their profiles as songwriters
  • UK writing space rental / Lease
  • Maternity leave and child care

The next deadline is 24th June at 6pm.

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