Funding for LGBT+ Voluntary and Community Groups – 31st May 2019 (England)

From the 3rd May 2019, voluntary and community organisation whose primary focus is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans + (LGBT+) communities will be able to apply for funding through Round 2 of the LGBT+ Futures Fund.  A total of £200,000 will be available.

The type of activities supported will include:

  • Interventions that support and increase the visibility of LGBT+ people, addressing the findings from the GEO’s National LGBT Survey
  • LGBT+ organisations who are working to become more sustainable and looking to strengthen their organisation strategically
  • LGBT+ organisations with creative solutions to reach and include more marginalised and underrrepresented LGBT+ people and communities across their organisations
  • LGBT+ organisations who are looking to collaborate on an idea to help strengthen their organisations and the LGBT+ sector
  • Applications from LGBT+ youth and Pride organisations are especially welcome.

There will be three types of grants made through this programme:

  • Events
  • Projects
  • Organisational Sustainability

Funding requests should be relative to the size of the organisation and the funding proposals.

The closing date will be 5pm on the 31st May 2019.

Projects funded in the past include:

Encompass Network: £5,080: development of the Queer Qandi Fest 2019, a festival for LGBTQ+ people of colour.

Gendered Intelligence CIC: £14,226: Summer Camp for 40 young people who are trans, non binary or questioning their gender.

Opening Doors London (ODL): £12,864:establishing two new strands of engagement: Older LGBT+ BAME engagement; and Older LGBT+ Trans and Non-Binary engagement.

Useful Links:

Round 1 Recipients

Frequently Asked Questions

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