Research Small Grants Programme for Hospices (UK)

The ‘Research Small Grants’ programme supports hospices to engage with, generate and lead the development of hospice and palliative care research. The programme is part of the Hospice UK Research Active Hospices action plan.

For the purpose of this grants programme, research is defined as a systematic activity that:

  • Attempts to answer a clearly defined question
  • Employs systematic and rigorous methods – including quantitative and/or qualitative paradigms
  • Leads to generalisable and new knowledge.

Research Small Grants of up to £500 per study over the time line of the research are available for the following:

  • Dissemination of knowledge through open access publications in a peer reviewed journal or proceedings
  • Practical research analysis (e.g. computer assisted qualitative data analysis programmes and transcribing costs)
  • Patient and public involvement forums or costs which are part of the research design.

The lead applicant must be employed by a full member of Hospice UK based in the UK, this can be an Adult or Children’s hospice.

Where a research study is a partnership between a number of organisations, one hospice must be the nominated lead in the grant application.

Please note that although you may apply for a maximum of £500 over the time line of the study, the actual amount awarded may be less and is at the discretion of Hospice UK.  This is an open call for the grant programme. Early application is recommended. Once the funding for this programme has been allocated the grants will cease to be available until such a time as additional funds have been raised.

Useful Links:

Apply Online

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