New £60 Million Fund to Support Young Peoples TV Programming (UK)

The Government has provided £60million of funding to provide a boost to the UK’s Radio and Television sector. Over the past decade the output of children’s television from public service broadcasters (PSBs) in the UK has been in decline, with them spending roughly 40% less than they did in 2006. As a result of this a significant amount of programming on children’s channels now consist of repeats.

The funding is being made available through two schemes:

The Young Audiences Content Fund (YACF), which is administered by the British Film Institute, aims to help reverse the trend of repeats and will specifically focus on television for young people under the age of 18.

The Audio Content Fund (ACF) will be used to produce distinctive, public service radio programming that is traditionally more difficult to support on a commercial basis. This includes programmes such as documentaries, comedy, drama and light entertainment.

Both funds will also provide a boost to indigenous UK languages programming such as Welsh and Gaelic, with an aim to invest five per cent of the total fund on this.

Information on how to apply and what the administrators are looking for is available on the BFI’s and the ACF websites.

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