Involving People in Health Research and Innovation – Funding of up to £3 Million Available (UK / International)

The Wellcome Foundation’s Public Engagement Fund is open to commercial and not-for-profit organisations and individuals working in the arts, culture, entertainment media, heritage, leisure, education, research, informal learning or other fields for projects that focus on health (even where this is not the main focus or core activity of the applicant). The Foundation seeks creative ideas about how to engage the public in health research that focus on people, helping everyone play their own role in improving health. Work which promotes diversity and inclusion and engages people and communities who are affected by social and economic disadvantage is particularly welcomed.

Funded projects will offer creative approaches to engage the public by:

  • Empowering people
  • Improving health research
  • Helping people to value and think critically about science, health research, innovation and the role these play in society

Projects funded will be innovative or a new way of working; a development of an already successful activity that can be scaled up, made sustainable and cost-effective; or an existing activity that can be replicated with a new audience, e.g. a different demographic or location.

Grants of £25,000 to £3 million are awarded to projects taking place in the UK, Republic of Ireland or low and middle-income countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, East Asia and the Pacific region for work lasting up to 3 years.

Applications for grants under £250,000 are considered through a single stage application process four times a year – the next deadline is 5pm on the 9th July 2019.

Grants over £250,000 are considered throughout the year following the submission of an expression of interest – apply at any time.

Previous projects supported include:

  • Camden People’s Theatre which received a grant of £20,000 for its production “Fog Everywhere”. This is a collaboration between Camden People’s Theatre (CPT), King’s College London’s Lung Biology Group and a group of young people based in Camden looking at the impact of air pollution in the capital, explored through a playful folk history of the London fog.
  • The Infers Group received a grant of £100,000 for its Arting health for impact project which explores the potential of using street art and collaborative design to engage the public on science and health in Botswana, India and South Africa. The project plans to forge collaborations between biomedical researchers, street artists and community members so they can interact with each other and create culturally-relevant and sensitive art installations in each of these countries.

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