New £1 Million Charity Award Scheme to be Launched – 17th May 2019 (UK & Ireland)

Ecclesiastical, an insurance business that offers insurance products and risk management services to customers in the faith, heritage, charity, education and real estate markets, is launching a programme designed to give £1 million to charities.

Nominations can be made by anyone on behalf of any eligible registered charity i.e. a charity registered in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland or Scotland for more than 6 months.

Awards of £1,000 each will be made to 500 nominated charities.

The competition opens on Tuesday 23 April and will close on Friday 17 May 2019.

10 charities will be awarded a £50,000 grant in a second competition that will be open for applications from Monday 17 June to Friday 26 July 2019.

This competition focuses on longer-term funding for larger charities trying to bring ambitious new ideas to life. The £50,000 awards will be open for, to eligible charities registered in the UK and Republic of Ireland with an income of less than £5 million, which support a cause that Ecclesiastical know communities care about.

Useful Links:

Guidance, Terms and Conditions

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