Community Led Homes Start-Up Support Programme – February 2020 (England)

The Start-Up Support Programme is funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) and delivered by Community Led Homes. The aim is to help groups of local people to develop their own community led housing solutions. Grants are awarded to support the earliest stages of a community led housing group’s development i.e. to explore options and enable community led housing solutions to become a reality. Revenue grants typically fund pre-development costs so that projects can complete the Group, Site and Plan stages to make sure they are ready to start on site or acquire properties.

Up to £4,000 is available for i.e. to cover costs incurred during the early stages of a project’s development e.g. community engagement costs such as room hire, volunteer expenses, staff expenses, legal fees to incorporate the group, travel costs to see other community led housing projects, training course fees and the costs of hiring a professional to undertake site valuations and surveys.

Up to £6,000 is available to cover Support Costs are only available to groups where:

  • There is no Community Led Housing Enabling Hub operating in the area.
  • The group requires start-up support that falls outside the skillset of the Hub.
  • The Hub considers the group to be at too early a stage or needs additional support.
  • The group would like to work with a community led housing advisor of their own choice.

One to one support from Hubs is available –  applicants can find out if an enabling hub exists in your area here. Some Hubs have been allocated funding from the Community Housing Fund, to pay for local community led housing advisors to provide 1:1 start up support, to help groups to shape and progress their projects through the early stage.

Eligible groups will be:

  • based in England;
  • exploring community-led options;
  • looking to create some permanently affordable housing to meet local housing needs;
  • at an early stage in the project’s development;
  • looking for revenue funding;
  • established for charitable, benevolent or philanthropic purposes;
  • have a membership of five or more members who are not related and who are all living at different dwellings, including three committee members who are not related and who are all living at different dwellings.

The available funding must be committed by March 2020 and applications will close mid-February 2020 (or when the fund is fully committed).

Useful Links:

Programme Guidance

Eligibility Checker

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