Grants Available for Natural History Projects – 3rd May 2019 (UK)

The John Spedan Lewis Foundation (JSLF) provides finance for charitable purposes reflecting the interests of John Spedan Lewis- notably entomology, ornithology, horticulture and associated environmental and conservation projects.

JSLF Trustees meet bi-annually to consider funding appeals and generally awards grants to small and medium sized projects. In 2018, 13 donations totalling £74,885 were made to 13 charities.

UK registered charities for which natural history topics are explicitly stated among their charitable purposes, including wildlife conservation, entomology, ornithology and horticulture are eligible to apply.

The Foundation also sponsors a doctoral studentship every three to four years.

The next closing date is the 3rd May 2019

Grants previously awarded include:

  • British Dragonfly Society – £5,000
  • Dartmoor Presentation Association – £1,648
  • Skye Environmental Centre Ltd – £4,000

Useful Links:

 How to Apply

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