European Democracy Action Grants (UK & Europe)

The European Cultural Foundation has issued a call for proposals for action grants to fund ideas, projects, and experiments that breathe new life into European democracy. Grants will fund creative, cultural actions prior, during and after the EU parliamentary elections (May 23rd-26th) that can breathe life into Europe, and democracy at large.

Priority is given to proposals that are innovative and provocative ideas that:

  • Are related to the European Parliamentary elections
  • Are related to the theme Democracy Needs Imagination beyond the European Parliamentary elections
  • Are innovative and provocative ideas that challenge the negative discourse and are able to become inspiring examples from the local to the European levels
  • Involve a broad group of people (both in size and in diversity of backgrounds).

Organisations or individuals over 18 years can submit a proposal, as long as it has a clear cultural and European dimension and fits the above themes and urgency. There are three grant levels:

  • Large grants of 30,000 – 50,000 euro are available for organisations only
  • Medium grants of 15,000 – 30,000 euro
  • Small grants of 5,000 – 15,000 euro

Grants can cover start-up funding, co-funding or filling a budgetary gap for activities ranging from HR costs, to material or travel costs where the project and budget is clear and concrete.

The call is ongoing with no deadlines and will run until the available resources have been awarded to the most inspiring and imaginative projects.

Useful Links:

Application Guidelines


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