Funding for Projects Supporting Innovative Uses of Digital Technology in the Design and Delivery of Adult Social Care – 7th March 2019 (England)

Projects that support innovative uses of digital technology in the design and delivery of adult social care are set to share in over £1 million funding, provided by NHS Digital and managed by the Local Government Association (LGA).

The 2019-21 programme aims to:

  • Use principles of service design to address social care problems differently
  • Develop collaborative, innovative and person-led solutions to social care problems
  • Measure the benefits, share learning and practice to encourage wider action.

Ten authorities will receive up to £30,000 to design a digital solution to address a specific issue with their service, with eight receiving up to a further £90,000 to support its implementation. The funding will run over two years.

Local authority bids should focus on one of the following three themes:

  • Efficiency and strengths-based approaches
  • Managing marketing and commission
  • Sustainable and integrated social care and health systems

Previous projects funded have included:

Exoskeleton devices to help carers on the Isle of Wight and the introduction of Amazon Alexa into people’s homes in Hampshire to combat isolation and encourage independent living.

Up to £120,000 funding is split into two phases: a discovery phase (April to September 2019) and an implementation phase (December 2019 to December 2020).

10 councils will receive funding of £30,000 to undertake a discovery and develop a digital solution for a specific issue. During the discovery phase, councils will be supported to research and understand the needs, behaviours and experiences of users (social care service users, informal carers, social care providers, health partners and the voluntary sector).

Lead councils are expected to bring local partners through the discovery phase to develop a detailed proposal for the implementation phase (with up to £90,000 of further funding).

The funding will run over two years and the deadline to submit an Expression of Interest and application summary form is 4pm on Thursday 7th March 2019.

The application summary form is available by request from

Useful Links:

Social Care Digital Innovation Programme 2019-2021 Prospectus

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