New Funding for Innovative Projects to Beat Plastic Pollution – 24th February 2019 (UK)

A new £1 million Fund has been launched in response to concern about plastic pollution. Created by Waitrose & Partners in partnership with HUBBUB, the Plan Plastic: The Million Pound Challenge aims to cut plastic pollution in the UK, reducing the amount of unnecessary plastic used and by tackling littered plastic.

The Fund offers grants of between £150,000 and £300,000 to innovative projects that rethink how we all use and dispose of plastic. Projects supported will have a significant measurable impact on plastic pollution (now or in the future), and a clear legacy. The learnings results and outputs from the projects will be openly shared to enable others to build on, replicate and amplify the impact of the funding.

Projects should address one of the following challenge areas:

  • Plastics in the community: Projects encouraging and enabling plastic recycling and the circular economy linked to social impact.
  • Education: Campaigns aimed at children and young people to raise awareness and change behaviour to reduce plastic pollution.
  • Public behaviour change: Projects which focus on inspiring and enabling new ways of shopping and living sustainably.
  • Food, agriculture and farming: Focusing on finding alternatives, reducing use, and increasing reuse of plastics in the food, agriculture and farming industries as well as tackling food waste.
  • Microplastics: Projects aimed at identifying the impact, reducing the prevalence and preventing microplastic pollution.

Charities, Academic bodies, Community interest companies, Social enterprises, Schools or Colleges are all eligible to apply for projects lasting over one year and starting in April 2019. To apply, applicants are required to create and submit a simple video of no more than 2 minutes outlining the project and the people who will be involved in delivering it.

The deadline to apply is 24th February 2019.

Useful Links:

Guidance Notes

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