New Funding for Food Re-Distribution Organisations – 20th February 2019 (England)

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) is inviting food redistribution organisations to apply for the first £5 million round of funding under a £15 multi-million-pound pilot scheme to reduce food waste. The aim is to help them overcome the financial barrier to redistributing surplus food which is currently going to waste but which could be redistributed.

The scheme builds on a trail Fund introduced in 2018 that saw eight charities and not-for-profit groups chosen to receive grants ranging from £40,000 to £75,000.

The fund is open to organisations that receive surplus food to distribute to those who have a need in England. Potential applicants will need to show:

  • How they will help food businesses reduce their surplus in the long term.
  • That they have a historical record with a minimum of 2 years’ service of distributing surplus food

Grants will cover distribution and administration costs.

This opportunity closes on the 20th February 2019, however further opportunities are being developed and will open later this year.

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