Grants Available to Support the Teaching of Physics in Primary and Secondary Schools – 1st March 2019 (UK)

The Ogden Trust School Partnerships programme offers funding and support to groups of schools that are committed to enhancing physics teaching and learning. The programme aims are to:

  • Support physics teaching – through subject specific CPD and supporting schools to improve retention.
  • Support students to develop physics identity – through collaborative partnerships, enrichment and enhancement activities, working with families and career awareness.

For Secondary Schools this means:

Increasing the number of students taking physics at GSCE, A-level and at university, particularly for under-privileged and under-represented students.

Supporting for teachers of physics, particularly for those without a subject specialism and those teaching in state schools in remote rural areas, or areas of social deprivation.

A secondary partnership can apply for up to £3,000 per academic year for the first three years and £2,000 in the fourth year.

For Primary Schools this means:

  • Raising the profile of science in the primary curriculum, with the emphasis on physical processes
  • Enhancing teachers’ confidence in the planning, delivery and assessment of primary science (physical processes)
  • Supporting science subject leaders in creating a sustainable network.

A primary partnership can apply for up to £2,500 per academic year for the first three years and £1,000 in the fourth year.

Schools Partnerships can apply for funding to support events, activities, trips and training, for example:

  • Trips to local museums or places of interest
  • Careers events
  • Visits to lectures and universities
  • Extra-curricular physics or astronomy clubs, physics fairs or competitions
  • Shows and talks hosted at the school
  • Family and community science days

In addition, primary schools can apply to have a Phiz Lab and secondary schools can apply for funding to support a visit to CERN.

Schools that want to set up a new school partnership will need to register for the Ogden Trust’s grant management system and complete the Expression of Interest form.  To be considered for the next academic year this will need to completed before 1st March. Partnerships can be a mix of maintained schools, academies, free schools and independent schools.

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