Government Announces £60m Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging Challenge (UK)

Up to £60 million of public funding will be available for the Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging challenge, through the Industrial Strategy Challenge fund, depending on business case approval and securing appropriate industrial co-funding. Delivered by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), the funding will be delivered through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund and could, for example, help businesses to develop:

  • New forms of packaging and plastic – made from farming, food and industrial waste, like sugar beet, wood chippings and food waste – moving away from oil-based plastics;
  • Smart packaging labels – which, alongside a smart bin, could tell consumers the right bin to put recycling into and revolutionise the way recycling is sorted in waste plants;
  • A ‘live’ sell-by-date patch – a living sell-by-date which deteriorates at the same rate as produce to show consumers when their food is going off – cutting down on food waste; and
  • A reduction of single use plastics – increasing use of recycled plastic in new products.

When the first round of the competition opens in early 2019, businesses will be able to access this funding through UKRI managed competitions to meet the challenge of developing smart sustainable plastic packaging.

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