Daneway Foundation – 1st February 2019

What is the focus of the fund:  The Daneway Foundation aims to improve the lives of young people aged between 11 and 25 years of age. It wishes to fund projects that support socially disadvantaged young people. It wishes to give them opportunities to improve their life chances and to become active and engaged citizens in their own communities.

Fund priorities

Particular support will be given to projects that support employability or encourage the physical health and well-being of young people, and the panel are keen to see projects that result in clear tangible outcomes such as qualifications. Also the panel would like applicants to be clear about any previous experience in delivering similar work and the achievements this work has resulted in.

Examples of the sorts of projects that may be funded:

  • Training and skills development for young people, e.g. Duke of Edinburgh schemes
  • Mentoring schemes to improve the employability of young people
  • Training courses and qualifications for young people enabling them to volunteer within clubs and community groups

How much is available: Grants of up to £5,000

Which areas are covered: Knowsley, Liverpool and Sefton
Any special criteria: 

  • The programme is aimed at small grassroots groups with an income level of under £250k
  • Please demonstrate how beneficiaries will utilise their new skills and qualifications to become more active and engaged in their local community

The closing date is Friday 1st February 2019 and the total budget available for this funding round is approx. £20,000. Due to the budget available the fund may close earlier when sufficient applications are received.

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