Government Announces New £200,000 Fund to Train Faith Leaders – 20th December 2018 (England)

The government has launched a new £200,000 Faith Leader Training Initiative to provide non-theological training for faith leaders and those in pastoral roles in faith organisations.  The aim of the fund is to support places of worship in England to have well-qualified, informed and confident faith leaders, who understand their rights and responsibilities, so they can better support their congregations.

At a minimum, the Government expect the training provision to ensure faith leaders are well-equipped and well-positioned to teach their congregations about their rights and responsibilities in the following areas, as well as to be able to identify issues, support affected individuals and signpost people to relevant guidance, legislation and support services in the following areas:

  • Domestic Abuse;
  • Forced Marriage;
  • Female Genital Mutilation;
  • Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation;
  • Mental Health.

Training programmes should also cover:

  • Marriage legislation;
  • Equalities legislation;
  • Hate crime legislation and how to respond to / report hate crime;
  • Shared values.

The training programme may consider including (among other things):

Financial and data management, including tax law and GDPR. applications is the 20th December 2018.

The Government is looking to award a grant to either individual organisations (which would have to be registered charities or have a charitable status), or a consortium. A consortium proposal would have to be led by a registered charity or an organisation with a charitable purpose but could include charities, private companies and/or public sector bodies

The Government is looking to award grants to one or two providers.

The closing date for applications is 5pm on the 20th December 2018.

Useful Links:

Faith Leader Training: prospectus

Faith Leader Training: application form

Faith Leader Training: evaluation criteria and scoring guide

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