Funding for Early Years Professional Development – 15th February 2019 (England)

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and Department for Education (DfE) are looking to fund and evaluate early years education projects focused on professional development in order to improve the learning and development of children from low income families aged 0–5.

Applications are accepted from mainstream primary and secondary schools, charities, local authorities, academy chains, universities, social enterprises and community interest companies.

EEF is open to ideas that can demonstrate clear theory of how the approach will lead to improvements in practice, and ultimately learning outcomes, particularly for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The EEF does not fund projects in one or very small numbers of schools/settings. The Foundation could fund a pilot to work in c.20 schools, but usually with the aim of later testing it in a larger trial of over 80 settings.

There is no set minimum or maximum size of grant; past EEF grants have ranged from £90,000 to £1.8million. Grants will support projects that:

  • Focus on improving the learning of disadvantaged children in England through supporting professional development.
  • Are informed and supported by a strong theory of change or evidence of impact on educational outcomes, particularly early maths, language and literacy, and/or self-regulation.
  • Are practical, cost-effective and scalable i.e. approaches that, if shown to be successful, could be taken on by schools, nurseries, PVIs, children’s centres, or other early years providers. Practicality and cost-effectiveness are key criteria.
  • Can be independently evaluated by EEF’s independent evaluator.

Round 2 is now open and will close on the 15th February 2019.

Useful Links:

Application Guidelines


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