Hilden Charitable Fund Announces Next Application Deadline – 19th December 2018 (UK)

The next closing date for applications to the Hilden Charitable Fund is the 19th December 2018.

Within the UK, the Hilden Charitable Fund makes grants to projects that address disadvantage and by supporting causes which are less popular. In particular, the Fund wants to support projects that:

  • Address homelessness
  • Supports asylum seekers and refugees
  • Support community-based initiatives for disadvantaged young people 16 – 25
  • Penal affairs.

The average grant awarded is £5,000 and preference is given to supporting small community organisations with an income of less than £500,000 per year. The Trust will consider funding project as well as core running costs of organisations.

The type of actions funded in the past have include:

  • Schemes to enable young disadvantaged young people to receive job training and work experience
  • Volunteering and confidence building for disadvantaged young people, education classes and skills training for refugees and migrants
  • Night shelters, day centres and hostels for homeless people and support services within a number of prisons.

Applications are accepted at any time but the next closing date for the January 2019 main grants meeting is Wednesday December 19th, 2018.

Useful Links:

Application Form


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