Living Well Sefton; Community Resilience Grant – 30th November 2018

As part of its offer, Living Well Sefton manages the Community Resilience Grant which is awarded to local community groups and individuals for projects aimed at supporting people to improve their health and wellbeing

We are pleased to announce that the fifth round of funding is now available. We are looking forward to receiving applications from groups and individuals specifically looking to reduce the social isolation of those living in their local communities.

More than 60 projects have so far been funded through the grant. These planned to improve health and wellbeing by reducing social isolation for older people, increasing people’s confidence, self-esteem and fitness as well as helping them build awareness of healthy cooking and nutrition, and encouraging the whole family in developing activities together.

The maximum amount to be awarded to organisations is £2,000 and for individuals (supported by an organisational partner) is £500.

Click  to view the grant criteria.
There are several ways in which you can apply for this grant:

– There is an  but, before completing it, read through these 
– There is also a print version of the  and  forms.

The deadline for the fifth round of funding is Friday, 30th November. If you want further information then email us on: 

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