Growing Competition for Schools – 24th December 2018 (UK)

Along with energy company Bulb, Trees for Cities Edible Playgrounds are launching a Grow On, Film It competition for schools to show the effects food growing has on the pupils and staff.

Featured projects can be anything from growing a few herbs in a small window box or a feast worth of different fruits and vegetables in multiple raised beds – the idea is to be as imaginative and creative as possible. Ideas could include:

  • Say a poem about the garden
  • Tell the story from seed to plate
  • Show how school life has changed since growing at school
  • Show how the growing can be incorporated into the curriculum
  • Explain your gardening skills and why your plants grow so well
  • Share how the gardening encourages a deeper connection to nature

Films might include songs, graphics, comedy but must be under 3 minutes long. Points will be awarded for imagination. Filming tips:

  • Use a smartphone, iPad or video camera. But if you decide to use a smartphone or tablet, make sure you always shoot in landscape view.
  • Steady equals ready – use two hands and try not to move around too much.
  • Let there be light – mornings and afternoons make for the best lighting.

In Post Production, schools could add, for example, music, graphics, testimonials or anything else that adds interest.

The prizes awarded will be:

1st: £200 gardening voucher

2nd: £100 gardening voucher

3rd: £50 gardening voucher

All entrants will receive spring seed packs.

The deadline for submissions is Monday 24th December 2018.

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