Funding to Support Women’s Movements – 7th December 2018 (UK / International)

Comic Relief has launched a new funding programme to support women’s rights organisations and movements that fight against injustice in specific geographic areas / countries.

The Power Up: resourcing women’s and girls’ movements programme support a diverse range of women’s rights organisations to fight against systems which perpetuate the injustices they encounter in their daily lives.

Comic Relief will be offering grants for 3-5 years for the following total amounts:

  • Single organisations can apply for grants between £150,000 up to £300,000
  • Those working in partnership (2 or more organisations), up to £500,000
  • For women’s funds or others sub-granting we may consider larger grants (up to £750,000).

The funding can be used to cover the core costs / overheads of organisations / partnerships as well specific projects and activities.

Organisations that could be directly supported include:

  • Advocacy or Campaigning organisations
  • Service delivery organisations
  • Research bodies
  • Think tanks
  • Registered community organisation
  • Women’s funds
  • Trades unions or professional bodies

The countries Comic Relief funds are as follows: Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and all four nations of the United Kingdom.

The closing date for applications is 12pm on the 7th December 2018.

Useful Links:

Application Guidance

Documents for Applying

Apply Online

Comic Relief’s Core Issues

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