Loan Funding Available to Make Community Sports Organisations More Sustainable (England)

The Sporting Capital Fund is a new loan funding opportunity for community sports organisations who want to make a difference in the community through sport, physical activity or in a sport setting and want to grow and become more sustainable by generating more or new income.

Unsecured loans of £50,000 to £150,000, repayable over 3 to 5 years are available to help organisations develop new projects, operations and revenue streams and can be used for projects and activities such as:

  • Equipment to support revenue streams
  • Recruitment, training and deployment of staff and volunteers
  • Equipment to support business functions, including finance, project management and governance
  • Other operating costs

If needed, a repayment holiday of up to 24 months may be available, giving projects time to generate sustainable revenue before starting to repay the loan.

Loans will not cover “bricks and mortar” capital i.e. a new roof, but could be an investment, for example, to support a community café as a new revenue stream and pay for café kit and equipment, training deployment of new staff and volunteers, management support to get the café operating and funding towards marketing the new venture.

A wide range of organisations can apply from community sports clubs to social enterprises, charities and profit-with-purpose businesses that deliver sport and physical activity.

Where appropriate, grant funding through the Access Reach Fund, may be available for organisations that need support to get ready to take on repayable investment. This fund offers small grants to charities and social enterprises who are looking to raise investment with an approved social investor – called Access Points. The grant will be used to help them close a deal or secure an investment.

Applications can be submitted at any time.

Useful Links:


Eligibility Criteria

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