PH Holt Foundation Grants – 1st November 2018

The PH Holt Foundation, incorporating the Holt Education Trust, is an independent grant-maker supporting local communities, education, the arts, heritage and environment on Merseyside. We are currently looking to award grants of up to twenty thousand pounds to charities doing work that meets our overriding aim of making Merseyside a better place to live.

What We Fund

The PH Holt Foundation supports charities which aim to make Merseyside a better place to live, particularly smaller grass roots organisations that find it difficult to attract funds. We focus support on five priority themes.

To be considered for funding, your activity should meet at least one of our priority themes:

  • Creating opportunities for people to contribute to their local community
  • Enabling people to overcome barriers and take control of their lives
  • Widening access to education for people of all ages
  • Increasing engagement in the arts for marginalised or excluded groups
  • Encouraging care of the natural and built environment

The majority of our grants are for specific purposes and diverse in nature. Additional qualities trustees look for in an application include:

  • Making Merseyside a better place to live
  • Encouraging self-help and resilience
  • Developing realistic and sustainable plans
  • Delivering strategic solutions
  •  Bringing positive change and measurable impact

Grants are usually in the range of £1000 to £20,000.  These are normally for a single year, but we can also consider a limited number of applications for grants to be spread over the life of multi-year projects.  In special cases, we can also consider larger grants to an appeal of major importance.

Next round closing 1st November 2018

To find information on our detailed criteria and how to apply, download here 2018 PHHolt Grant Criteria

For our application form, download here 2018-PHHolt-Grant-Application

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