Grants for Marine Projects – 27th May 2019 (UK)

National Aquarium Limited, a sister charity to the National Marine Aquarium, is offering grants of £1,200-£5,000 to smaller initiatives managed by individuals, community groups, schools, or other conservation charities for interesting projects that will make a difference.  Grants will be awarded for projects that foster a wider understanding by a broad public of the oceans and the threats they face. For 2018, priority will be given to projects that link to VR & digital technologies and those that strive to connect people with seagrass habitats around the world.

The funding reflects the acknowledgement that whilst the immediate effects at grass roots level can be enormous, small projects often face challenges in raising the small amounts of finance needed to make them a success. Projects supported may be science-based but could equally be based around arts or drama. Successful projects will be innovative in making a contribution to raising awareness of the marine environment.

Grants awarded so far have been in the region of £1,200 – £5,000 and it is likely that future awards will be of similar amounts.

Previous projects funded include:

  • Leaper: A Fish Tale – £4,000 for a new play for children that highlights the importance of river and marine eco-systems around the UK against destructive fishing methods and plastics pollution. The project aims to gently encourage change by the delivery of performances in theatres, schools and aquariums throughout the UK.
  • Marine Wildlife Champion – Devon Wildlife Trust (£3,830) – This project focused on creating a pilot scheme that helped children learn about the marine environment and wildlife. This trust trialed a ‘Marine Wildlife Champions’ network within six local schools in order to encourage children to take positive actions for marine habitats and species. In its third year running, this trust is aiming to take this experience into Plymouth and the surrounding area, sparking an interest in the local community for participation and commitment.
  • Jellytastic (£4,575) – This project will provide a series of art installations and workshops, focusing directly on the jellyfish species and the impacts of marine pollution in the Hampshire and Sussex area. The ‘Jellytastic’ theme demonstrates how jelly fish are affected by marine pollution, in particular plastic waste such as drink bottles. It will involve schools, students and any type of sea user to learn about the impacts on our sea.

Apply by the 27th May 2019.

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